Silence is golden?

I felt disappointed at myself the moment my aunt told me that it hurts seeing me being silent all the time even in family gatherings and also concealing all thoughts to myself. I knew I was an introvert since young, then I was trying my best to open up whenever possible but you know, it can be hard sometimes.

Tried for so long, the progression? It improved and I started to initiate talks with other people. However, there is something that is limiting me from interacting from people. 

Although I may open up occasionally, sometimes I do not open up because you’re either someone I just met, some random dude or some asshole. Think selective perception. I only make friends with those who I really think that won’t abuse my trusts and feelings.

Well, as I try to open up including now, I still see myself stuck in the solitary world of mine. Unable to withstand the endless thoughts I have, I am bound to suffer one day. Being an introvert is not easy. As days go by, I find it hard to talk to someone. Basically I’m just afraid that I may disturb them. At this point of time, I could only stay in the silence… Perhaps I can’t leave it at all.

– Eric


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