Doubt & Trust

It’s easy for me to trust others if they have showed signs of kindness and gratitude towards me. However, 75% of the time, the trust I gave to them were abused for the benefits of their own. It really sucks, perhaps that is why it’s hard for me to trust new friends I have just made – be it juniors, seniors or whoever.

Honestly, I don’t know if those new friends I made have like other motives apart from being friends with me. Sometimes the way they talk to you and the things they do in front of you are different when they are with others. I find it a bit sketchy. I don’t really like to doubt people. When I do, that means I am really gonna force out your true intentions. Don’t ask me how, but I will.

You guys may say: “Oh Eric maybe they are just friendly and really are dying to be your friends!” Just step into my shoes and you’ll see a different picture. I just hate how we humans have the ability to mask off our true intentions with ‘fake-genuine intentions’. Like they say, “Don’t judge the book by its cover.”

Oh wells, I guess I need to open my eyes bigger.

– Eric


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