Don’t look back

Be it light or dark, some things don’t change.

Being so paranoid all the time, it’s really hard not to stop wondering if people really care about you. Though I care for everyone, sometimes I feel like I’m just being a busybody and I’m not appreciated at all. Like I said before and I’m still considering if I should just live my life without giving a shit about others. I seriously don’t know.

The past is my greatest regret in life and I should repeat mistakes that have already occured before. Too bad I trust and fall for things so easily like a kidnapper baiting a 3-year-old out with a lollipop. Call me naive, gullible; maybe I still am now.

If only I was much more alert and mature, I wouldn’t be so dull and conceal my feelings every now and then. But to think of it, I don’t have feelings, do I?

Truthfully, only time can tell. We know nothing about the future. Anything could happen. The next minute I could be having a headache or feeling hungry. Or maybe even die?The future is pretty scary isn’t it? Anticipate change and adapt to new environments. Nothing is gonna stay the same anyways.

I was full of myself when I was much younger. I was egoistic and arrogant. Bullied people and did really foolish things like cutting my left eyebrow off. Note to myself: Anything can happen. Don’t go back to the old self you and everyone else hated. Be yourself. Don’t give up. You know you have the potential in you and all you have to do is to work hard and break the mental barrier limiting your confidence. You can do it.

– Eric


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