Weekly Update 14/8

I completely lost myself this week. I really hate having to face people who pretend or being two-faced to me. It’s just not fair to me.

I threw tantrum at home, neglected almost everything. I feel so helpless despite all the help that were offered to me. My motivation fell and I had zero confidence in doing anything. I guess I should just delete my Whatsapp and focus completely on studying, like Wei Qi. Hahaha. Well, I’m getting a little more impatient and tired. Time to give my all for end-semester exams and burn out afterwards.

I gained a little motivation and inspiration after Joseph Schooling, beat Micheal Phelps, his idol in the finals for 100m Butterfly event and eventually achieve an olympic record timing of 50.39s and the first gold medal for Singapore. History was made. How I wish, I could do the same too… But is there even hope for me?

Exams are coming in two weeks time. Hope everyone give in their best and achieve their desired GPA. I’ll stop writing for now. Have a good week ahead!

– Eric


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