Seriously, I cannot stand it anymore. Just because I’m quiet and easy bullied doesn’t mean that I can be taken advantage of.

People just blatantly use me for their own benefits and after that they’ll just leave and come back again oncd they need my help again. I just cannot take this anymore. This time, I cannot cope with my emotions anymore and I might go crazy this time. I really need a break from everything.

It seems like, their actions have made me trade my smile for a frown. I can’t see myself smiling, even if I do it’s fake and not legitimate. I should stop being nice to everyone and just live in this dull world where everything is just against me.

I am not myself anymore.

It sucks being very friendly and patient with people. I’m sick of wearing different emotion guises everyday to suit the mood of others. I hate getting ignored and stepped over on by people. I just hate this life of mine. 

I have thoughts about ending my life. I just wanna sleep through everything. If I were to answer this question: “What is the purpose of life? Why do we live?” I would answer: “To live for the sake of others and to suffer in this torturing world full of two-faced people.”

– Eric


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