I’m pretty annoyed lately by almost everything. I couldn’t focus much on anything. 






Before I wrote this, I just had my presentation and it was okay. However, during the presentation, I observed that some people weren’t listening and it was really really  irritating. Maybe I’m too paranoid or something but it seemed to me that I care too much about the little details and things that are happening around me.

Besides that, it’s also annoying that people you chat with you don’t reply you, intentionally. It is understandable that one can choose not to reply if the other person replies “Okay.” “Thank you.” and all that. But sometimes it really sucks when they ignore you after you continued the conversation or ask a question. In Whatsapp especially, you’re hoping for them to reply you eventually but you see them online for so long but they didn’t reply you. Some people intentionally switch off their read receipts so that there won’t be any blue ticks but instead grey ticks. 

Sometimes they give excuses why they didn’t reply when you ask them. “Sorry I didn’t see.” “I was busy!” etc. Not all of them are truthful. Most people switch on their notifications so that whenever someone replies to them they can see it on their home screeens. However, some of them will see but pretend that they “didn’t see the notification”.  Bullshit. They’re busy? *Sees them actively on Snapchat snapping regularly* *Online on Whatsapp for so long they “forget” to reply* Sometimes you forget to reply, but it doesn’t everytime right.

Sigh, I feel like I care too much. Maybe I should just return to being an introvert and lock myself out from the world. They told me to try and talk and I did. I tried but to no avail. This feeling sucks.

– Eric


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