Weekly Update 31/7

Hey guys!

We’re finally reaching the end of July! Yayyy! πŸ˜€ Tomorrow is the start of August, and guess what? I’ll be having my first presentation out of three this week 😭 Hopefully things will go well and especially this team member of mine… Hope he does not cock up.

Lately I’ve been feeling very motivated to do things. No matter how stressful I am I can seem to enjoy everything even if it’s damn tiring πŸ˜€ Also, I’ve redownloaded League of Legends to play with my classmates as they invited me to play with them. It’s really fun playing with friends and you get to bond along well with them!

Besides the hectic presentation week starting tomorrow, I’m gonna participate in the Singapore Ultimate Open! It’s gonna be my first official competition. Win or lose, it’s gonna be an experience for me to play competitively. So looking forward to it! 😊😊😊

It’s gonna be a short update, I shall take a rest now as I have a presentation tomorrow. See you guys in the next blog post! Have a fruitful week ahead πŸ˜€βœŒ

– Eric


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