Life is so much more different now in polytechnic. The constant stress about projects and tests, commitments to ultimate frisbee and so on and forth. This transition is hard to adapt as it is a major change from secondary education to tertiary education.

Well to start off, in secondary school I had more freedom to do whatever things I wanted after school. I used to play soccer everyday after school during secondary 1 and 2. I was too complacent in secondary 1 and I got third last in class 😂 It was like a honeymoon year for me but eventually I got much more serious in my work in secondary 2. 

I was from National Civil Defence Cadet Corp (NCDCC) and it was the wrong choice I’ve chosen in secondary 1 as my co-curriculum activity (CCA). I skipped some of the trainings because my initial interest that time was to join softball which I was selected. I considered quitting for softball but I needed a medical reason which I did not have at all 😒 Somehow I stayed and managed to come for all the assesments and tests and I was able to promote. Since then, I started to come regularly.

In constrast to polytechnic, I am mugging regularly because the workload is non-stop piling up and I need to be consistent in my work to obtain my desired GPA of 4.0 😂😂😂 I feel that projects are really essential because we apply everything learnt in the books to real life. It helps us understand better, resulting us being able to score well in tests and exams.

In polytechnic, CCAs are not a compulsory thing unlike in secondary school. However I see this often in polytechnic, why do people join CCAs and not participate in it? What’s the point if you join a CCA and do not commit to it? Seriously? 

Finally I get to join a sports CCA, which is ultimate frisbee. There is no doubt that every sports trainings are tough. So far it has been a great experience for me and I hope to improve and make it into the squad 😀 I’ve also joined my course’s (Accounting & Finance) interest group. The purpose of that group is to keep everyone in the course bonded by planning activities and all that. It sounds really fun and the intake was high, so I went for it.

Foodwise for both secondary school and polytechnic, hmmm… They really have nice food hehe. There’s only one canteen in my secondary school and there are like more than 5 canteens and cafes in my polytechnic. The usage of phones are not allowed in secondary school but allowed in polytechnic. Well, not all lecturers or tutors will allow that.

Overall, I think this transition is all about our own independence. In secondary school our teachers are there to chase for our work and catch us for inappropriate haircuts etc. On the other hand, in polytechnic whether you wanna do work or not is none of the tutors business. It’s up to your freedom whether you want to score and get that diploma or not. You can dress and style however you want and it can really be a hassle to plan on what to wear 😂

I just completed my work and revision and tomorrow is my financial accounting test. All the best to me hahaha 😂 Hopefully the test will be easy for me. Shall stop posting here for now. See you guys in my next blog post 👋👋👋 Stay happy guys 😊

– Eric


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