As time gets tough, the tough gets going

Hello guys I’m back!

This week is a stressful week as there is test next week so the lecturer is rushing things up. Besides, frisbee trainings are getting tougher because they are selecting the squad for POL-ITE Games. There are many physical trainings and I have to endure all the muscle cramps and fatigue which I did. It wasn’t as bad as it expected 😅

I see myself getting used to overdoing something, from studying to exercising. I feel like I can do better every single time. Maybe it’s a good thing to think like this, since I kinda have the “never say die” mentality.

Played frisbee with Jerell today and guess what? I jammed my thumb and Jerell threw my disc into the drain hole. I went to retrieve it but the drain was too deep 😢 That’s the second frisbee wasted ever since I enter polytechnic but it’s okay though since it’s just a glow-in-the-dark disc. I have 2 other discs so yeah 😂

Finally I’m using my hair band again after so long. It finally solved my daily struggles of my fringe tickling and poking my eye. I realised my fringe looks awkward whenever I put my fringe to the right because my fringe tends to have a weird wavy shape. But now I put my fringe to the left because it was the most ideal and it looks neater and straight 😀

I shall catchup with my schoolwork now. See you guys later 😉

Stay happy and remember to give someone a smile 😁

– Eric


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