I’ve been going to a lot of frisbee trainings, scrim and stuff and I’ve been breaking my limits. I ignored the fact that I’m having shin splints and I continued nevertheless.

Cuts and abrasions are getting frequent now and I’m only afraid that it might get infected because I don’t always clean up fast enough after training. Having done with strenuous trainings, I also experienced soreness on my back and left chest. Guess this is the ordeal I’ll have to face while playing sports.

I’m also mentally restless. The “sleeping at 2am or later” is on for me. At 10pm when I settled on my bed, all I am doing was using my phone and scrolling through Instagram and all that until my brother decides to sleep at around 10.45pm. From that period onwards, I start to wonder about everything. From homeworks to impossible events that will happen in my life. It really is frustrating overthinkinf again when I’m trying not to. I’m always triggered by random thoughts flowing through my mind. Sigh it really sucks.

Gonna post a weekly update later in the night. Have a good day ahead 😀

– Eric


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