Started the day with a really bad mood. Almost fought with my brother where he refused to resolve the misunderstanding and kept accusing me of using his charger which I didn’t because our chargers look identical.

Really, I cannot stand people who are self-centered. Whatever they do, they always care about their pride and how it affects it. They would choose to listen to themselves and always have that “whatever I’m doing is always right and I don’t care about what you feel” mentality. Yo, that’s wrong. If they jolly well carry on thinking this way I’m afraid people will hate them.

When egoistic people explain things, they often explain partially and expect us to decipher what they are feeling. It will create unnecessary misunderstandings and from there, problems arise. 

Surely there will be some people that will help them change this immature thinking but to no avail at times. It’s like whatever you say to them they will be listening from their left ear and letting everything out from their right. Like seriously, can’t they just try to put their pride down for once? It really hurts people when they are egoistic and won’t appreciate the help given by those who are willing to help you.

I was once like this when I was younger. I was very arrogant and will always boast and disturb others about how much I get for exams and all that. Ignoring their feelings, I thought I was the “boss”. Until one day, my friends were all against me and didn’t want to talk to me. At all. Then I realised, I was being a jerk to them. 

For those who are reading this who are egoistic or anything, always remember, pride is temporary, character is permanent. Sometimes you must put your ego down for the sake of not hurting others and giving in. But do not always put your ego down like what I did before, I got stepped over and I got hurt, really really hurt. 

Remember, life does not just revolve around you, it revolves around everyone. Stay friendly 😀

– Eric


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