Food is love, food is life

Food plays an essential part in our life. We depend it to survive. Sometimes food makes us happy and forgets our problems.

For me, I love to snack on tidbits like chips and all those unhealthy food when I’m bored. It satisfies my taste buds and I feel like I’m fueled for the day 😀 When I’m down I will tend to stuff myself with food until I could not take it anymore. In the end it helps me to cheer up but I will have a bad tummyache the following day 😅

Food does associate with our emotions. It’s like our life. 

This post might be random but I felt like I needed to post this 😂 Weird me. I’ve only eaten biscuits and cup noodles and drank milk today. Time to go eat somemore! See you guys tomorrow 😊

– Eric


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