I woke up feeling uncomfortable, but it was the world that I see. Everything seems to be fine until I realise I couldn’t control my movement and my thoughts. That was when I knew, I’m about to have a nightmare.

Nightmares are so surreal and somehow more vivid than dreams… maybe because scary experiences are easy to remember and hard to forget. I usually have nightmares of falling from a great height like inside a lift or me “jumping off” a building. Sometimes I see the people I love and care for die. It is really hard to decipher. It really feels real.

According to online sources, falling from an elevator indicates that one is afraid of being insecure and losing relationships. Also, falling from a great height suggests that one has lost control over a particular situation in their life.

If those theories are somewhat true, I really do not know what to say. 

It is inevitable that I will have nightmares again. I will try my best to maintain a healthy relationships with everyone and solve a conflict or whatsoever asap.

Shall again later at night. See ya!

– Eric


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