I know I’m caught up in the middle

I cry just a little

When I think of letting go 

– Piano in the Dark – Brenda Russell

I’m sure many of us heard this bridge before from Flo Rida’s I Cry but the original lyrics were from Brenda Russell’s Piano in the Dark. It’s true that in the song, sometimes you get triggered and want to relieve the moments once again. However, you’re indecisive as you’re caught in between two conflicting thoughts – to reminisce and not to reminisce.

We all have been there. The struggles to make a decisive and effective decision to whatever we do. There will be pros and cons for every decision. Ultimately, you only can choose one.

Take for example: you have $100,000 in Lala Land and you have a lot of choices which car you wanna drive. One of the available option is a 6-seater family car. It is convinient as you can transport many people at one go and the car is selling at let’s say $50,000. The trade-off is that the car drives at a very low speed. On the other hand, you can also buy a 2-seater sports car at $95,000. Sophisticated in design, speedy but you can only transport one person at one go. If you favour both convinience and speed, but you can only choose one, what will be your pick?

The satisfaction you get for deciding varies either short-term or long-term. It might be the wrong choice, but it might also be the best and only choice that will get to whatever needs you want to achieve. It is easy to make wrong choices, so decide wisely.


I shall stop here for today. Have a good rest everyone! Good night 🌚💤

– Eric


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