Be Yourself

People come and go. We lose and gain hope. However, why are we more pessimistic in thinking rather than optimistic? 

Sometimes you felt like you’ve gotten over something like your dog’s death, a breakup, your bad grades in exams and many more. Everyday when you wake up, do you actually feel the same? The answer is no. It will be hard at the start. You want encouragement from others. You want hope from them. They can encourage you, but do they actually know you inside out? You might wake up the next day feeling so motivated, but who knows? You start to feel demoralised and down again the next day. Don’t ever crave for encouragement. They are only temporary and it is not really helpful to you at all.

Don’t let yourself down by these circumstances. You will ultimately lose hope again. Let character define you. You are who you are. People know and will understand you better like that. Eventually your optimism will overrule your pessimism. You will start to know yourself, be honest with yourself, know what you’ve done right or wrong.

Life is an emotional roller coaster ride. There are always ups and downs. I know. They’re really tough. Know yourself rather than knowing what people want from you. Don’t let their expectations pull you down. You form your own character. You are the “king” to your kingdom. Your every actions define yourself. Think about how you can be a better person. Remember, you are what you are. No one can change you.

To all the readers who feels like this, have faith in yourself. You can do it. You will get support along the way. I’m sure of it. Don’t give up as you’re a day closer to being successful!

Be yourself, you’re wonderful 😉

– Eric


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