It is inevitable that we all make friends in our lives and they will be the ones that will be with us until something or someone split us apart.

What do we do when we have friends? Talk together? Do the fun things together? Help each other out? Be there for you when you’re down? I guess that is what good friends do or I should say the definitions of a best friend.

It is easy to make friends. Starting from acquaintance to friends, then progressing on to good friends. I do not believe in best friends though, it just hurts by hearing that term.

Some of the friends we make might be nice to us, but they will speak behind our backs when we least expect it. Usually these type of friends just want to take advantage of you and spread their hate towards you to others. I had those friends. And I will not have it again.

I usually avoid making friends with benefits because they are just stupid. Like really. We get what we want from each other and then after that we do not talk to each other again. It is just plain stupid.

Hopefully in life I would make more wonderful friends like I have right now. It will be an enjoyable life for me 😊 Shall blog again tomorrow.

Lead your day with a wide smile 😁

– Eric


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