Weekly Update 3/7

Oops! Since I’ve forgotten to post an weekly update on Wednesday I’ve decided to post weekly updates every Sunday 😀

I’ve finally pull through hell week because of everything that is affecting me emotionally and physically. I learnt that I was strong and I eventually came out stronger. I believe times will be better now. Here’s to a good month of July! 🍻

I was happy about my mid-semester tests as I managed to get 3As and 1B (screw you microecons). Frisbee trainings are much tougher now but somewhat I enjoyed it 😂 Can’t wait to get our training tees this week! 

This week is gonna be off campus learning week, so I’m gonna rush everything either today and tomorrow or start tomorrow and even out my work within this week. I’m not too sure. All I know is I’m much more motivated to study now to achieve my desired GPA 4.0 😁😁😁

I shall stop here for now. Gonna do some housework and other stuff. See you guys later 😀 Peace ✌

– Eric


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