I tend to be an introvert and I usually isolate myself from the group of friends because I’m socially awkward. Sad isn’t it. I have this constant fear that I will say the wrong things and they will judge me.

I was bullied last time by my friends and didn’t really have a good childhood. All I did was play computer games and diecast cars, drawing, cycling and sleep. I hardly interact with people and I’m always on my own. My brother then did not know how to talk but he would follow me everywhere I go. Till now he still does 😂

Sometimes I just feel like stepping out of my house to see the world. It’s so vast and there are many things out there for me to do. One day I’m sure I will see the world with my eyes. Shall rest now since I’ve been sleeping less than 5 hours everyday this week.

See you guys later.

– Eric


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