Weekly Update 31/7

Hey guys!

We’re finally reaching the end of July! Yayyy! 😀 Tomorrow is the start of August, and guess what? I’ll be having my first presentation out of three this week 😭 Hopefully things will go well and especially this team member of mine… Hope he does not cock up.

Lately I’ve been feeling very motivated to do things. No matter how stressful I am I can seem to enjoy everything even if it’s damn tiring 😀 Also, I’ve redownloaded League of Legends to play with my classmates as they invited me to play with them. It’s really fun playing with friends and you get to bond along well with them!

Besides the hectic presentation week starting tomorrow, I’m gonna participate in the Singapore Ultimate Open! It’s gonna be my first official competition. Win or lose, it’s gonna be an experience for me to play competitively. So looking forward to it! 😊😊😊

It’s gonna be a short update, I shall take a rest now as I have a presentation tomorrow. See you guys in the next blog post! Have a fruitful week ahead 😀✌

– Eric


Boring Person

I am someone full of emotions and an introvert. People describe me as too quiet, bipolar (when I’m super duper low). Most of the time I’m feeling nothing and I conceal all the negativity in me. Almost no one could tell what I was thinking, the ones who did saw through me was my secondary school PE (Physical Education) teacher and my closest juniors and seniors.

I do not know how to feel and how to react to certain situations and I will be awkwardly standing still like a log. Seriously, I’m socially awkward.

Well, the reason why I dare not to speak up is because I’m afraid that I might accidentally offend that person or talk about topics that are really sensitive to that person. Besides, I don’t really know how to start a proper conversation. If I ever try to talk to someone who I’ve never talk to before, I will present myself and talk formally, like very very formally. 

Being quiet kinda sucks. I have no idea what to say and if I’m ever with a group like my classmates, I will just listen to them and join the conversation whenever I feel like it. And then I’ll just quietly listen again. I wonder, if my inability to be socially active really makes me a really boring person. A person who is like a stone, still and silent. What benefits can I gain for being like this. 

Honestly, I know I can hardly interact with someone one-to-one for very long because they will be thinking like “He’s kinda monotonous” and all that. I usually see people I try to talk to on Whatsapp, their status will be “online” and my message still has the double grey tick. Hoping they will reply but they don’t. Even when they’re online for quite some time, they would be talking to others and not really bringing their attention to someone who is patiently waiting for a reply. Sigh. I’m trying my best to talk as much as I can but not to the extent of talking nonsense. I really don’t have much people who are willing to listen to my problems… /:

Hopefully things will change soon. I can’t stand being like this anymore. 

I shall stop here for now. See you guys again in my next post. Stay positive and have a good day ahead 😀👋

– Eric

Weekly Update 24/7

I survived this week. Yay!

Lately I’ve been working my ass out projects and stuff and I have so little time to do things I’ve always wanted to do like cafe-hopping, gaming, visiting places I’ve never been before etc. Pretty much sums up my life in polytechnic.

I’m already planning for my vacation in September and all I can think of is to sleep 😂 Yes, since that day, I’ve been sleeping very very late at night. It really sucks not being able to sleep. Hmmm…… I should cycle to Marina Bay Sands once again after a year 😀 42km journey. Let’s do that! 

Had a scrimmage against Ngee Ann Polytechnic last Saturday. It was my first scrimmage against another say and I must say it was a great experience. I was nervous and I could score for the team but I pancaked the frisbee too late. However, I managed to tightly defend my opponent from getting the disc. I still have a lot to learn 💁

There’s really nothing much last week, just projects and tests. The tests were okay though. 

I just ended my work when I’m writing this update 😂 I’m working in Happy Boats, basically the outline of this job is to let kids and/or their family members on a boat and they can ride it in the shallow waters. It’s a really fun job! It was raining heavily just now and I had to wait for the rain to clear before I can commence on work again. It’s really happy to see families bond together and I truly envy them. Someday… I hope… I could do this again with my family.

Well, I still need to catchup on my project after I reach home. Until the next post, see you guys soon. Have a great week ahead! 👋👋👋

Always remember to give someone a smile 😁

– Eric


Life is so much more different now in polytechnic. The constant stress about projects and tests, commitments to ultimate frisbee and so on and forth. This transition is hard to adapt as it is a major change from secondary education to tertiary education.

Well to start off, in secondary school I had more freedom to do whatever things I wanted after school. I used to play soccer everyday after school during secondary 1 and 2. I was too complacent in secondary 1 and I got third last in class 😂 It was like a honeymoon year for me but eventually I got much more serious in my work in secondary 2. 

I was from National Civil Defence Cadet Corp (NCDCC) and it was the wrong choice I’ve chosen in secondary 1 as my co-curriculum activity (CCA). I skipped some of the trainings because my initial interest that time was to join softball which I was selected. I considered quitting for softball but I needed a medical reason which I did not have at all 😒 Somehow I stayed and managed to come for all the assesments and tests and I was able to promote. Since then, I started to come regularly.

In constrast to polytechnic, I am mugging regularly because the workload is non-stop piling up and I need to be consistent in my work to obtain my desired GPA of 4.0 😂😂😂 I feel that projects are really essential because we apply everything learnt in the books to real life. It helps us understand better, resulting us being able to score well in tests and exams.

In polytechnic, CCAs are not a compulsory thing unlike in secondary school. However I see this often in polytechnic, why do people join CCAs and not participate in it? What’s the point if you join a CCA and do not commit to it? Seriously? 

Finally I get to join a sports CCA, which is ultimate frisbee. There is no doubt that every sports trainings are tough. So far it has been a great experience for me and I hope to improve and make it into the squad 😀 I’ve also joined my course’s (Accounting & Finance) interest group. The purpose of that group is to keep everyone in the course bonded by planning activities and all that. It sounds really fun and the intake was high, so I went for it.

Foodwise for both secondary school and polytechnic, hmmm… They really have nice food hehe. There’s only one canteen in my secondary school and there are like more than 5 canteens and cafes in my polytechnic. The usage of phones are not allowed in secondary school but allowed in polytechnic. Well, not all lecturers or tutors will allow that.

Overall, I think this transition is all about our own independence. In secondary school our teachers are there to chase for our work and catch us for inappropriate haircuts etc. On the other hand, in polytechnic whether you wanna do work or not is none of the tutors business. It’s up to your freedom whether you want to score and get that diploma or not. You can dress and style however you want and it can really be a hassle to plan on what to wear 😂

I just completed my work and revision and tomorrow is my financial accounting test. All the best to me hahaha 😂 Hopefully the test will be easy for me. Shall stop posting here for now. See you guys in my next blog post 👋👋👋 Stay happy guys 😊

– Eric

Weekly Update 17/7

The past week has kinda been like a hell week because of frisbee, the training was so intense as there was much more physical training than I expected. Ultimately, I endured and somehow the soreness after those exercises were gone. I think I’m ready for more tougher trainings and I’m willing to take in more than I can take 😀

Funny thing that happened during training last Friday was me getting stung by a bee during throwing practice. First of all, I don’t really know how to react to that because it was my first time getting stung by a bee 😂 Luckily my senior Lester was able to pull out the needle and I squeezed all the blood out. My thumb swelled and it was quite irritating for me. The next day the swell subsided. Phew 🙆

This week is gonna be like a hardcore study week. There’s two upcoming tests and I have yet to study them 😨 I believe if I’m consitent and not complacent I will definitely do it. 加油 to me 😁

Recently, I’ve been hooked up to this game on Telegram. It’s called Werewolf. You guys should really try it 😂 It was after Saturday’s training during dinner time and everyone started playing it. It’s something like Mafia. It’s really easy to play!

To “reward” myself after my tests this week, I have ordered a fresh pair of Puma cleats. Hehehe 😏 It’s time for a change since my old cleats are failing me already.

I finally ended work and now I’m blogging this 😂 It’s really good to be back at work after a month when there wasn’t any slot for me. I met new colleagues and bonded with them. I really envy the families that bond together. It makes me wonder if I will ever have a chance for that to happen to me… Hmm… Anyways, I’m still being called uncle by kids 😒 Do I really look that old? I’m only 17 zzz

Alrights, I shall stop here for now. I’m tired and I’m on my way home as I’m typing this. Have a great week ahead! Thanks for reading 😝

– Eric

As time gets tough, the tough gets going

Hello guys I’m back!

This week is a stressful week as there is test next week so the lecturer is rushing things up. Besides, frisbee trainings are getting tougher because they are selecting the squad for POL-ITE Games. There are many physical trainings and I have to endure all the muscle cramps and fatigue which I did. It wasn’t as bad as it expected 😅

I see myself getting used to overdoing something, from studying to exercising. I feel like I can do better every single time. Maybe it’s a good thing to think like this, since I kinda have the “never say die” mentality.

Played frisbee with Jerell today and guess what? I jammed my thumb and Jerell threw my disc into the drain hole. I went to retrieve it but the drain was too deep 😢 That’s the second frisbee wasted ever since I enter polytechnic but it’s okay though since it’s just a glow-in-the-dark disc. I have 2 other discs so yeah 😂

Finally I’m using my hair band again after so long. It finally solved my daily struggles of my fringe tickling and poking my eye. I realised my fringe looks awkward whenever I put my fringe to the right because my fringe tends to have a weird wavy shape. But now I put my fringe to the left because it was the most ideal and it looks neater and straight 😀

I shall catchup with my schoolwork now. See you guys later 😉

Stay happy and remember to give someone a smile 😁

– Eric

Weekly Update 10/7

What’s up guys I’m back! 

Everything that has happened this week were pretty much fine I guess? Didn’t really feel moody and all those. Had been participating in a lot of frisbee trainings and they will be choosing the squad for the competition this week 😨 I’m so nervous. 

I think it’s time for me to get a new pair of cleats since my white Adidas cleats are wearing and tearing after I bought them when I was 10. 

Shall get myself motivated more for the upcoming weeks because I find myself procrastinating in everything I do 😅 Lazy me. I will post moderately now because of the increasing workload from school. I will still post weekly updates and all that.

I need to catchup with my sleep and adjust my body clock. I can’t always sleep late my eyebags are becoming heavier and it’s such a burden zzz. Well, I shall stop here for now. Have a great week ahead! Stay cheerful! 😀😀😀

– Eric