Slept for around 4 hours today and my appetite is still the same. Nooooo 😭😭😭 It took me half an hour to finish a coconut bread and 10 minutes for coffee. Lately my diet has changed ever since my appetite changed. I ate little for all three meals and I’m starting to eat sweet stuff like chocolates, sweet etc. These little things can make my life much more better but I need to control how much I eat 😂 

Came to school early to print my work and guess what, the library was colder this time and I did not bring my hoodie 😞 After printing I went to slack with my friends in another floor of the library. One of them brought blueberry muffin for me. How sweet 😊 It’s very enjoyable to be with them as they make me laugh and smile and it helps to let go of the remaining negative thoughts inside my mind 😀

Blogging this while in lecture HAHAHA. Alrights gonna focus now and shall blog later!

– Eric


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