Gotten my microeconomics paper and well I scored 70.5/100. Still okay and I hope I can do better next time. I need to have full trust on myself to be confident in whatever I do. I can do this.

Trust is something I truly treasure. You cherish it and I’ll cherish it too. You betray it, karma will get in you eventually. I trust people easily because they’re very nice to me. But sometimes I’m just taken for granted. I’m used to fulfill their temporary happiness or goals. Am I that naive? 

I would like to thank my friend for giving me sweets and a smile polaroid. It will definitely make my day 😊✌ Gonna get my financial accounting paper tomorrow. 加油to me. After my microeconomics tutorial I’m gonna return to my secondary school to visit my lovely teachers and juniors 😁😁😁

Shall stop here for now, see you later πŸ˜‰

– Eric


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