Surprisingly I couldn’t sleep throughout the whole night as I was trying to clear off the bad stuff in my head. It’s really nice to reflect at this period of time. I’ve learnt to improve myself and love myself more too. Have been catching up with EURO while staying up. As predicted, France, Germany and Belgium made it through round of 16.

The lack of sleep now means I’m most probably gonna sleep during lecture or break time. I guess I’m looking forward for the result for my microeconomics paper. Hope I will get the A I desire for 😁

While blogging this post right now, my bro just woke up and is preparing for school. Looking at how chilled he is, I thought to myself, “Maybe I should be like him, he gives zero f***s about anything.” He is a happy lad but a rebel apparently. HAHAHAHA

It’s very tempting for me to snack a lot of tidbits while schooling and the worst thing is most of my lectures are conducted in the lecture theatre nearest to the convenient store 😂 GG my money. But for now I’ve lost a lot of my appetite. 

The much needed space I needed really helps me a lot. Really wish I don’t break down in school or whatsoever. I’m independent and strong and I will conquer every single obstacle. It is 5.13 am as I conclude this post. Hope you have a good day ahead!

– Eric


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