Moving On

Went back to my secondary school to visit some of my teachers and juniors. Apparently almost everyone seem to be gone and only a few were present. Had a great chat with them hehe.

The reason why I went back to my alma mater was because I really wanted to relieve the memories of being a prefect and every sensible to stupid things I did before, and partly because I was bored 😂 I also met up with one of my close friend Jiale. He was doing admin stuff for scouts. We went on to play frisbee, tiring but fun! Halfway through playing, there was a fight between what seems like an old uncle and his son (?) at the block in front of the school field. They were fighting and were shouting loudly at each other. Woah man we almost called the police. Luckily the conflict stopped and it was peaceful again.

After an hour of playing and walking around aimlessly around school, we headed for dinner. Had no idea why I bought chicken tenders from KFC despite knowing that I can’t finish with my current appetite. Well I only ate one and gave the rest to Jiale. I’m a good friend right? 😂✌ We then had an impromptu heart to heart talk about our breakups. We shared similar fate and we cheered each other on. I’ve learn that we cannot bottle up our thoughts too much, as we will explode from it sooner or later. It is that hard stage of life to move on and I’m safe to say now, that I’ve moved on. They are at loss for leaving us. No explanation needed. We are strong and standing tall again. Really thank Jiale for being a good buddy as he was a good listener. We are now happy people 😁😁😁

I have frisbee training tomorrow and I hope my knee won’t cock up 😭 Time to do my work now! See you guys tomorrow 😉

Smiling is contagious, smile more 😁

– Eric


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