Hi guys I’m back again 😁

I had dinner with my fellow classmate Noble after we have completed our project work. We went to Bedok 85 to eat good food. Mmmmdap 😛 We also drank beer, mainly because I wanted to drink my sorrows away. It did help but when we were gonna take the bus to Bedok Mall I got a bit drunk and started trashtalking and walking unevenly. It was lucky that I did not collaspe phewww.

Really wanna thank those who really cheered me up and I really appreciate it 😁 It really makes me motivated when my junior said something I never thought of before. I am much happier now hehe 😉 If you’re reading this, please cheer up and most importantly, smile through your day like this.

HAHAHAHAHA 😂😂😂 It really feels a lot better smiling and I look and feel much more cheerful when smiling 😁

Alrights I shall stop here for today. School is starting tomorrow (major turnoff) 😑 See you guys tomorrow! Stay happy hehe.

– Eric


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