Now that everything is shattering and I’m trying to fix it all up, I’m starting to lose track on what I’m doing. From studying to simple things like eating, I can’t seem to concentrate.

People are constantly cheering up and saying:

“Bro, you’re gonna pull through this.” 

“Move on, you still have many choices in this life.”

“We’ll be here for you.”

“Just relax and everything will be fine.”

Although I’m trying my best to stop overthinking, I always tend to trigger myself intentionally and I will start crying all over again. I might be the cheerful one out of a group of friends, but I’m the depressed one alone. 

Well, school is starting again and I really really really hope that things would be better for me at least. More focus and less distraction.

Alrights, I woke up early just to blog this. Time to sleep my headache away again.

– Eric


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