Terroism is the act of violence and intimidation in the pursuit political aims.

It really bugs me to see that this world is turning from bad to worse. Racial riots, terrorist acts, boycotts and so many other stuff that causes segregation between the people.

We are all humans, we vary in look, race, religion and each and every one of us are very unique. It bothers me that some groups of people are looking down on other groups of people. But the harsh reality is, it happens so many times in this world.

People associate terrorism with Muslims and in the media they are so particular about it. The truth is, majority of the terrorism acts are not done by Muslims. It is by other people and some of their own. It is really sad to see them cover up everything on the media like “he suffered from numerous mental illness” etc etc. That’s utter bullshit. Why can’t they just view them equally? Terrorism has no religion.

Just because of a minor group of Muslim rebels executing terrorist acts, and then almost the whole world slams on the Muslim community. Come on man. Where is the humility in this world. Because of a withered flower, you burn down the whole forest? No. I can only say that these racists are what I think are “modern day Hitlers”. Imbecile humans.

This world is undoubtly blind. Don’t be blind followers, be a rightful one and lead people to do the most rightful and humane things. We are all humans, we are all equal.

Love each other, we are one.

– Eric


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