I’ve been crying myself to sleep over her. I know it wasn’t her fault for saying it. It really hurts because she treats me differently right now, more of like talking to a stranger. The conversation would sometimes be lifeless and we will just be awkward and think of something to say.

I guess I have many choices in life, and I chose to wait for her and move on with life. It may sound like I’ve contradicted myself. But no. She still cherishes me as a good friend and I will too. Patience is a virtue. Feelings do change. I can’t force love and I will not do it. Nature will take its course and we’ll see about it.

One day I’ll fully pick myself up, and start walking around the world again. Hopefully I’ll be noticed as well. It’s 11.32pm as of now. I shall stop writing now.

Always remember to love and cherish every single day with your loved ones. Stay happy.

– Eric


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