Weekly Update 23/6

So much has happened within this week and I’ve gone through everything in an emotion rollercoaster. Happiness, sadness, anger, grief and all that. It’s all part of life.

I’ve learnt that whatever losses we make now we eventually become a gain in the future. Be patient. Rushing anything will cause mayhem and unrest. Take it slowly and give in your very best.

I am 17 years old now, I should be more mature and understanding in whatever I do. I want to change for the better. Now, I want to be more sociable to others, give in when I need to and not always (people will step over you), caring and empathize others and most importantly love myself (I tend to be selfless).

I’m gonna cut my hair tomorrow and maybe get a cheap and nice wallet. Well, that’s all for today. See ya.

– Eric


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