Endless Thoughts

Everyday without fail I will be thinking about the things happening around me – from thinking about what to eat to what will the future be for me. Research has shown that a person has an average thought of the range between 50000 to 70000. You might not know it but you’re doing it subconsciously.

These few days, some thoughts have been bugging me and it really is kinda annoying because you really want to solve these conflicting thoughts. It hurts just by thinking of it and it forces me to overthink to the point that I will have a mental breakdown. Love, dreams and aspirations and goals in life. It really triggers me when I see someone else being successful, happy and couples that are loving and caring to each other. It brings me to this question. Am I overestimating myself?


I do not have the ability to change things to the way I want, but I have the ability to work towards it. Miracles don’t happen, they are just flukes that happen when you least expected it. Even if they do happen, it will temporarily make you feel the way you want to feel. However, it’s the thoughts running in your mind that will greatly affect your overall emotion.


It’s really easy to spot someone jovial, they have cheerful thoughts and is really open to others of what they’re thinking about; wheares for someone that is more gloomy and down, they tend to think of dull thoughts and usually are introverts and always isolate themselves around other people whenever possible. I guess I’m the gloomy one, for now.


Hopefully I will try to stop overthinking and think about more cheerful stuff like gaming, food and whatsoever. I might post another entry today because I feel like it.


Well, that’s all for now. Have a good day!

– Eric


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