Time is something we cannot rewind or change it. It just ticks and doesn’t stop. Every decision we make will cost time and every wrong decision will cause a regret we will never be able to change.

Take for example my late grandpa, I hardly visit my maternal grandparents place because it was distant from my home and I had a really bad motion sickness. Also, I didn’t really bond well with my cousins… well except one. I love my grandparents and they do too. I really feel kinda sad whenever I visit them out of the blue and they will be like so nice and greet me with a hug and react like they haven’t been seeing me for 5 years or so. I always talk to my grandma but hardly to my grandpa. He was working as a cabbie and hardly comes home and whenever he does all I do is just greet him and then nothing else.

Till one day, he had pneumonia and had to be hospitalised. I followed my mum and bro to visit him, and sadly enough, it was the last time seeing him in my life… For that first and final time, we had a proper conversation and he even knew I was a sportsperson without me even saying. He told me,


He means that I know I have the ability to achieve the best of the best. But, I must also know that some people in this world have no privilege to achieve to the top. Therefore, give them the first position while I take second. After around 30 minutes of visiting, I said goodbye to him without knowing it was my final one…

Always remember, as time goes we will all grow old. Make the best out of every moment and the present will decide for the future. I lived through more regrets than anything else and I hope that it will change for the better. Cherish your loved ones.

Have a good day ahead and remember to make someone’s day with a smile (:

Farewell, grandpa.
– Eric


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